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All 3 routes take place on City, County, State and Forest Service Roads that are 100% open to the public. Riders must obey the rules of the road including stop signs, while we do have the Idaho Stop Law we are asking everyone to take extra caution when crossing roadways and on the open roads. We would hate for you to jeopardize our permits and set a bad example of cyclists or worse. ~ Thank you.

Fun Rally

The Fun Rally is a 25-mile route following mellow gravel roads from Victor up to Driggs and out towards the Teton River. Riders can expect wide-open Teton Mountain vistas and the opportunity to take a dip in the refreshing waters of the Teton River before heading back following alongside the bike path back to Victor.


  • Victor-Driggs, Frontage Road

  • Teton Mountain Vistas

  • Featuring gravel roads that are a local-favorite

  • Crossing the Teton River 

  • 1 stocked Aid Station

  • E-bike friendly


© Photo Credit Jamye Chrisman

Screenshot 2024-03-31 at 5.53.21 PM.png
©Photo Credit Fredrik Marmsater

Valley Rally

The 6o-ish mile Valley Rally includes much of the same classic backroads and ruggedness Teton Valley is known for, but in a shorter version, cutting west towards Driggs from Stateline road, crossing and meandering along the Teton River. For the last 30 miles, it connects with the 100-mile course, briefly climbing into the Big Hole Mountains and through Horseshoe-Packsaddle Canyon, following it back to the finish in Victor.


Classic gravel backroads

Fun, rambling 4x4 doubletrack

Multiple points of Access along the Teton River

Horseshoe-Packsaddle Canyon

Big Teton Range Vistas

2 stocked Aid Stations

Grand Rally

The Grand Rally 100 mile course utilizes most of the official Wydaho One Hundred route created and actively stewarded by Aaron Couch. This local route was created for a charitable gravel event in 2018 and put on to connect gravel riders to a unique perspective of Teton Valley. 

The route completes a 360-degree circumnavigation of Teton Valley, following gravel backroads.


Wide open Teton Range Vistas along Stateline Road,

Jackpine-Pinochle Rim with views into the Tetons & Jedediah Smith Wilderness Quiet, Seldom traveled rural backroads, Horseshoe-Packsaddle Canyon in the Big Hole Mountains, Access to the Teton River, 3 stocked Aid Stations

Screenshot 2024-03-31 at 5.53.47 PM.png
©Photo Credit Fredrik Marmsater

Kids Rally

There are two kids options.

1) Strider Rider
Kick Bike Races (also called Balance Bikes or Strider Bikes) are races designed to let toddlers and young kids 18 months to 5 years old start to explore the world of two wheels.​

2) Pedal Bike

For kid's 6-11 who can ride traditional pedal bikes. This race will be a bit longer then what the strider riders will be doing. 



While these races are FREE for all participants, donations to Mountain Bike the Tetons are encouraged to help maintain the bike park facilities.



A no-pedal or two-wheel bike. 

Properly fitted helmet

Closed-toed shoes or sandals 

Pads & gloves recommended


The race will be in and around the Bike Park in Sherman Park (the start/finish of the Teton Valley Backyard Rally)

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